Top 3 Motivation to lose weight tips for women

The right motivation to lose weight!

The right motivation to lose weight!

It’s not easy staying motivated to lose weight. However motivation to lose weight is important, especially if you want to see real weight loss results. Motivation is basically will power and the ability to push yourself forward. However at times, no matter how hard you may try, things do get in the way and block your will power.

The case is especially so in women who have so much other commitments and responsibilities to take care of every day. They may find it difficult sticking to their everyday exercise routine or they may not have time to exercise. This is why women especially require some tips for motivation to lose weight.

  1. The first tip is to get some gear as you need gym gear to workout. Without the right gear you won’t be serious about going to the gym on a regular basis. In fact, all it takes is uncomfortable gym pants to wreck havoc on your workout.


So just as you invest money in all your other clothes, it’s important that you also invest money in some comfortable gym clothes. Comfortable clothes make you feel good, and along with that, a good gym bag helps keep all your gym equipment well organized.


  1. Another motivation to lose weight tip is to get organized and prepared to go to the gym with everything you need. Just like you make sure your children head to school with their school bag, water bottle and lunch box, if you like exercising with music, make sure you have your iPod and earphones with you when you work out.


You have better chances of seeing your workouts through with everything which makes you comfortable while working out. You may even need to keep some backups of your essential items.  Besides being organized, you also need a good fitness journal to help you stick to your workout regimen.


  1. It’s important that you stay satisfied to workout. Just like your kids find it difficult studying on an empty stomach, you may find your motivation dwindling if you feel hungry just before a workout. So make it a point to have a good protein supplement shake about half an hour before your workout and you are good to go.


If you don’t like protein shakes, you could always try protein bars to keep you full and give you a metabolism boost. Also include other raw and natural foods into your diet like chia seeds and chlorella if you really want to see some weight loss results.

With the help of these 3 tips, you will find it much easier staying motivated to stick on to your exercise and diet regimen to lose weight. Just because you are a woman who has to take care of your home and children does not mean that you cannot take care of yourself too! These motivation to lose weight tips should prove really helpful at ensuring you follow and stick to your weight loss endeavors!

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